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The foundations

Anna Faggio’s history spans almost three centuries. The story begins in 1870 when Eduard De Beukelaer starts baking biscuits in his workshop in Antwerp. They became so well liked that in 1917 he opens his own bakery school to ensure the continuity, quality and philosophy of his company. The work is continued by his son who expands and further modernizes the cookie factory. A generation later, inspired by her grandfather’s and father’s hard work and successful entrepreneurship, Ms Anke De Beukelaer decides to continue the family legacy. In 1987 she develops her own range of wonderful biscuits and chocolates. A sparkling new band called Anna Faggio is born.

Anna Faggio comes from Anna, the Italian version of her first name and Faggio, the Italian translation of beech tree (beuk in Dutch), referring to her grandfather, Eduard De Beukelaer.

The growth

In 1997, Anna Faggio took the first steps in export and soon a network of international distributors was established. Today we sell our products in over 35 countries worldwide. Believing in the power of innovation, we strive to launch novelties on a regular basis to meet the changing tastes of the market.

After years of steady growth, the original headquarters of Anna Faggio became too small, and in 2012 the production plant in Beringen was doubled in size. This allows a more efficient and flexible workflow, a plus for our customers.

In 2016 a new assortment of healthy products with gluten free and no added sugar wafers for private labels was launched.

Pretty soon our production space becomes, once more, too small to meet new demands and in 2019 Anna Faggio expands a second time with 50% extra floor space. In 2021, a company called Eco Biscuits joins the Anna Faggio family. This acquisition diversifies the assortment even further with healthier, and environmentally friendly BIO biscuits.


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