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Taking care of your biscuits since 1987.

For 30+ years, Anna Faggio brings quality and deliciousness to your break-time.
We offer you tasty biscuits with real Belgian chocolate for all occasions, seasons and locations.

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Feel free to take a look at our retail collection. Purchase your favorite biscuits from our trusted retail dealers. If you have any questions, ask us! Our team is always ready to help you with your selection.

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Discover our selection of individually wrapped biscuits. Contact us if you have a business and would you like to offer our cookies with the coffee and tea you serve. We'll put you in touch with one of our distributors.

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Anna Faggio offers you over 30 years of experience with biscuits. Located in Belgium, we produce a wide range of biscuits at our facility in Beringen. We are passionate about our cookies and use high quality ingredients so that you can taste the difference... every time.


Guilty pleasures of choice

Come explore our world of single wrapped biscuits, those guilty pleasures next to your coffee cup, made and served with love.

Savour the speculoos fourré with its crispy vanilla cream as an afternoon snack, or perhaps you prefer our Cafe Crisp?
We also develop tasty wafers with less sugar and gluten-free wafers in your own private label retail brand.

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